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Q: How do I add my server/bot?

After logging in with Discord and heading over to our dashboard, get started with a server listing by referring to the dropdown at the top of the form. From there you can select the servers you own, or have permissions on. To get started with a bot listing, you can again refer to the dropdown and select from either "Add a bot", or an existing bot listing. For more information see our getting started guide.

Q: Why do I need to add the Discollab bot to my server?

Having our bot in your server allows us to easily get up-to-date information on your server like its member count, name and icon to then display on our website! With the bot you can also use a couple useful commands like /bump and /vote to interact with the listing for the server they're ran in.

Q: How can I setup vote rewards?

To get started with vote rewarding for your server or bot listing, head over to our dashboard and scroll down until you see the "Show Other Options" button, then refer to the "Vote Webhook" section. There you'll be able to provide us with an endpoint and authorization token. For more information refer to our docs.

Q: How can I report a listing?

We appreciate your help in ensuring our content can remain clean for a better community! To report a listing, just refer to its individual page and see the "Report this server/bot" button. From there you'll fill out a quick form which will be sent to us where we'll process it with our Staff as soon as we can! Keep in mind you must be logged in with Discord to send a report, this helps us mitigate spam.